Films that speak to children with hearing loss

12 September 2018

Our very own patients and staff have starred in a series of films for children with hearing loss and their families. Your generous donations made these films possible.

Patients and their families take the spotlight to share their stories of living with hearing loss and experiences of treatment at the Children & Young People’s Audiology Centre, with the aim of helping to ease anxieties of new patients to the service.

Being part of the voice

17-year-old Sarah Adedeji stars in the films. One of them, What does my hearing loss mean for me? focuses on Sarah and some of the services’ older patients. They talk about how hearing loss affects them and how they’re mostly able live their lives normally – a message which Sarah feels passionate about.

‘I wanted to get involved purely to show others that the deaf community is such a great community and that deaf people are so able,’ she says. ‘I wanted to be part of the voice.
‘I hope that these videos increase awareness – giving the deaf community an opportunity to gain more recognition, let others know that they're not alone, and show deaf people that they can do anything.’

Another of the films, Children’s audiology – the place, the service, the people allows the staff to take centre stage to introduce the audiology centre and its innovative, family-centred approach.

‘We realised that if we could capture these moving experiences of patients, parents, and staff on camera and share them, they could be a real source of support,’ says Jolanta McCall, head of children’s audiology service. ‘Our team enjoyed being part of this project, and our patients and their families are true film stars!’

Children's audiology - the place, the service, the people

2 mins 31 Secs

What does my hearing loss mean for me?

2 mins 47 secs

My baby has a hearing loss - what next?

4 mins 19 secs

Your donations and the audiology centre

The films have been made by the Children & Young People’s Audiology Centre, with the help of your donations. The team at the centre look after those with hearing difficulties including middle ear disorders and significant hearing loss, as well as children with complex needs.

These new films are a fantastic addition to the service, enabling new patients and their families to prepare them for the journey ahead, often before they’ve even had their first appointment.

‘We’re so grateful to have been able to make these films which will help both our new and older patients,’ says Jolanta. ‘They wouldn’t have happened without the support of donations, so it really has made an incredible difference.’

Thank you for helping to support this brilliant project 

Your donations have helped us reach out to children with hearing loss in this way, and your ongoing support will ensure we can continue projects like this for the young patients of Evelina London.

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