Take part in your own Photo Challenge 150

Can you match your friends or work colleagues to their baby photo?

A collage of baby photos of the current Evelina London Fundraising Team
The Evelina London Fundraising Team (about 25 to 30 years ago)

Evelina London has been caring for Children for 150 years with the help of thousands of supporters like you, who help us go the extra mile above and beyond what the NHS can provide.

Join in the birthday celebrations by taking part in Photo Challenge 150.

By celebrating our childhood selves, you can help to provide a better hospital experience for children and families today as well as helping to fundraise for world class research and facilities for the children of tomorrow.

Let’s play!

How do you play Photo Challenge 150?

Display baby pictures of your team, group or friends. Players pay a donation to Evelina London to take part and have fun guessing who’s who, with a prize for the winner. We’ll provide a toolkit with everything you’ll need to get this fun fundraiser started.

Getting started

Register below and make sure you tell us you are planning to play Photo Challenge 150 by checking the box in Question 2. We'll send you a tool kit with resources and the rules of the game. You can tweak these to suit any team or group of friends.

Top tips

  • Play Photo Challenge 150 in a group – playing this game in your team at work is great fun!
  • Make sure you have a good mix of boys and girls or just boys/girls otherwise it makes for easy guesses!
  • Be creative with your fundraising and rules of the game:

    o charge for clues,
    o add an additional sweepstake on who will guess all the baby photos correctly
    o guess the year the photo was taken.

How many colleagues or friends will you recognise as a baby while raising funds for Evelina London?

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