Young supporter raises money for Evelina London

07.12.17 Categories: Supporter stories, How donations help,

Seven-year-old Sophie is kind and thoughtful and often goes out of her way to make people around her feel special. Her mother Simona shares with us what led her young daughter to raise funds for Evelina London.

Last year one of Sophie’s friends from school, Gaby, had a baby brother who was born prematurely and was very well looked after at Evelina London. This moved Sophie to want to say thank you to the hospital.

Simona had a chat to Sophie about Evelina London: ‘I explained to her about the good work Evelina London does for all the children who are not well. I spoke to her about the effort the doctors and nurses put forth to do their absolute best to help children get better, so they can go back home to their family and friends’.

After their conversation, Sophie decided she wanted to raise some money for Evelina London as she had also benefited from the hospital's care. By chance, the weekend before Sophie’s appointment at the Evelina London it was Gaby’s birthday party. Sophie asked if she could do a dance during the party, to raise money for Evelina London!

Simona said: ‘She performed a little dance, together with two of her school friends, Ella and Maya. Those in attendance were very impressed with her desire to support such a fantastic hospital and made donations.’

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