Nightriding for Evelina London

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Surrey CCC Assistant Coach Stuart Barnes explains how his visit to Evelina London inspired him to get on his bike and take part in the 100km overnight event

I’ve always wanted to cycle round London, especially when there’s less traffic, so Nightrider was something I’d planned to do. I’m looking forward to going round all the sights that Nightrider takes in. So now with the Surrey County Cricket Club’s association with Evelina London, I’m doing my bit to raise funds for a brilliant cause.

Our trip to Evelina London was an inspiring afternoon. Despite what they’re going through, everyone – the parents, the children – seemed really happy. Everyone was so welcoming. It was very obvious that the people working there are very good at what they do, and doing everything they can to make things comfortable for both the patients and their parents. That stood out a mile to everyone.

We took away a lot of memories and inspiration. I certainly felt, ‘Right, what can I do to help these guys?’

I enjoy cycling so I’m hoping it’s something I won’t find too difficult. I like keeping fit anyway but as you get older your joints start barking at you so I’ve had to take a bit of pressure off my knees and ankles so I’ve started to do more cycling over the last few years.

I’m not dressing up for Nightrider - I can’t believe David [Gorrod] ran the Marathon as Surrey mascot Caesar the Lion. I’m going to make things as easy as I can to get round and make the 100km. Caesar will not be seen on a bike! I just hope I don’t get too competitive – I hate people overtaking me…

I’ve had to ask for advice on saddle soreness on Twitter… I’ve been going through a bit of pain…But I’ve got a training programme in place, I’m taking my bike with me for away games and clocking up the miles. I’m feeling confident!

You can sponsor Stuart and help motivate him for his challenge and we’ll report back on his progress so watch this space!

Stuart (far left) and the Surrey County Cricket team visiting Evelina London