Making hospital life less scary through play

11.02.16 Categories: How donations help, News from the hospital,

Thanks to your generous support, the play specialist's service at Evelina London has new anatomically correct dolls which are instrumental in helping children like 11-year-old Lucy through their experience in hospital.

Charlie and his female equivalent Katie can be used for many purposes. All of their organs are in the exact spot they’d be in a child, and can be seen within little pouches and special sections of the dolls.

Cathy Gill, a play specialist who looks after children with kidney disease and urology problems, mostly introduces one of them to a child if they need to learn how to insert a catheter.

The dolls can be used for many different things though, such as showing what x-rays are for, or demonstrating how a blood test works. The latter is especially useful for needle therapy, a technique that the play specialists encourage for children who suffer from needle phobia.

Read more about how Charlie and Katie Doll are used to help children in hospital play, learn, and de-stress. 

Donations make a huge difference to the experience of our young patients at Evelina London. If you’d like to help fund more special equipment for the children like these dolls, there are many ways to do it.

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