Jack’s transplant anniversary celebration with Guy’s Urban Challenge

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12-year-old Jack is celebrating nine years since his living donor transplant, for which his dad donated his kidney.

To mark this wonderful anniversary, his mum, Hayley Pake, is taking part in Guy’s Urban Challenge to raise money for Evelina London where Jack has been cared for before, during and after his transplant.

Jack’s story

Jack had his transplant in 2009, as a result of suffering from a condition which affected his kidneys before birth. His dad, Alan Hubbard, was the perfect match to become the donor, meaning he also had an operation to have his kidney removed so Jack could receive it.

Jack has stayed on Beach ward at Evelina London many times over the years, which Hayley says has become a special place to them.

‘From the start, Evelina London has been very much a home-from-home experience,’ explains Hayley.

‘There is always a familiar face around and so much to do, which has ensured Jack remembers experiences there - not just the reason he’s in hospital.’

‘His nurse, Grainne Walsh, has been the most important person to us throughout it all. She has always given us confidence and positivity when times are tough. Cathy Gill, the play specialist, has also been important to Jack and our family, as she has an inclusive approach for when siblings want to share Jack’s journey.’

Nine years on, Jack is doing fantastically well and has even competed in the British Transplant Games twice as part of the Evelina VIPs.

Hayley’s Urban Challenge

Inspired by Jack’s athletic successes, it’s Hayley’s turn to step into the sporting sphere with Guy’s Urban Challenge 2018!

The unique 'urban triathlon' includes a run of 2.4km around Guy's Hospital, then spinning 15km on a state-of-the-art Wattbike, followed by climbing 29 floors to the top of Europe's tallest hospital building, Guy's Tower.

Hayley is looking forward to the event on Saturday 29 September, where she’ll be supported by her husband, her mum, Jack, his two sisters and three brothers – what a cheer team!

‘This is a totally new and exciting challenge for me,’ says Hayley. ‘I normally do running, but not cycling or climbing stairs. I’ve lost four stone since last March, so am ready to test my fitness!

‘It is important to support Evelina London so it can continue to be outstanding in the way it works, and give us the staff who make such a difference.’

You can help Hayley raise money for Evelina London by donating on her fundraising page. And if you’d like to join Hayley in taking on Guy’s Urban Challenge, now is the time to sign up!

Lead photo: Jack nine year's ago during his operation

Insert photo: Jack at Evelina London nine years ago; Jack and mum Hayley today