Inspirational family raises £20,000 for vital neonatal equipment

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Ottilie Pick, known as Ottie, was born nine weeks prematurely, weighing just over 2½ pounds, in 2013. She has a congenital heart defect and brittle bones, as well as numerous other health issues.  

Evelina London not only brought her into this world, but has also saved her life on numerous occasions already,’ says her aunt Rebecca, who has fundraised for the hospital. ‘They will hopefully keep her as strong and well as can be throughout her childhood.’

Friends and family raise £20,000 for Evelina London

To say thank you for Ottie’s treatment, her family and friends have raised an amazing £20,000 for Evelina London from a number of different exhausting events, from Nightrider, to half and full marathons.

‘Despite all of her challenges, she is one of the sweetest, brightest and happiest little people you could wish to meet and an inspiration to us all,’ says her uncle Max, who ran the New York Marathon last November.

Funds raised paid for six vapotherm systems for premature babies

The family recently returned to the hospital to find out how the money they raised has been spent. It has bought six new vapotherm systems - a ventilation system that helps premature babies breathe using small nasal tubes rather than cumbersome masks and bulky tubing.

Alex Phillips, Matron of the Neonatal Unit, says: ‘Parents like the vapotherm system, as it allows them to hold their babies more often, be fully involved in their baby’s care, for skin-to-skin contact and to help the early establishment of breast feeding….all of which can be difficult on the other respiratory support systems.’ 

The vapotherm systems also reduce the risk of lung damage which can sometimes result from long-term invasive ventilation support.

How businesses can Work for Good

Work for GoodTo further support Evelina London Ottie’s dad, Rupert, founded Work for Good, a way for businesses to support the causes that they care about.  Work for Good gives businesses a chance to convert their professional expertise into funds for charity, another great way to get involved and support! 

Many thanks to Ottie’s family and friends for their very generous support. Now find out how you can join our team and raise money for Evelina London!

(L-R) Rupert (Ottie’s dad) holding Atticus (Ottie’s brother), Caroline Jones, Max Coppin (Ottie’s uncle), Rebecca (Ottie’s aunt) holding Ottie, Justien Ducken