Generous gift to transform imaging department

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Philanthropists and dedicated supporters of Evelina London, Surinder and Sunita Arora have chosen the hospital to be co-beneficiary of their 2014 annual charity ball which on the night raised £328,000. This generous gift will help to expand the imaging department over the next few years, having a huge impact on patients with a wide range of medical conditions.

The charity ball held in September included a luxury raffle, a silent auction which ran throughout the night with a selection of top prizes, as well as a live auction. To recognise and thank them for their support, Mr and Mrs Arora were recently presented with a plaque in the imaging department which also honours Mr Arora’s late mother.

‘We’re delighted that the money raised from the Arora Ball 2014 will go towards expanding Evelina London’s imaging department,’ they said. ‘We have seen first-hand what a special hospital it is and we’re very proud to support it.’

Image: MRI scanner at Evelina London

Improving future treatment

Evelina London’s imaging department has a global reputation for leading and pioneering imaging techniques in children. Imaging technology is a type of scanning which enables complex medical conditions such as heart defects to be diagnosed quickly and accurately. This means that treatment can begin earlier and patients can get better sooner, reducing the inevitable stress on the family.

Now 10 years old, the current MRI scanner at Evelina London is in constant use, 24 hours a day for children from across every department in the hospital. At times, demand exceeds capacity which means some children have to be imaged on the MRI within adult services, in an environment not tailored to the needs of young patients. 

The expansion of the imaging department will include upgrading the current outdated MRI scanner with the latest model, as well as investing in a state-of-the-art X-MRI interventional suite that allows clinicians to guide complex surgical interventions in children without exposing them to harmful radiation.

Investing in the future

MRI technology has advanced considerably in recent years and has become an increasingly essential part of patient care across the hospital, especially for treating neurology, cardiac, orthopaedic and general surgical needs. Without exposing children to radiation, MRIs can be used to diagnose conditions, plan treatments, monitor the success of surgical interventions, and assess the effectiveness of treatments. 

These funds will be vital in expanding the imaging capacity of the hospital to meet the growing demand on the service and ensure that facilities keep pace with the new clinical techniques and practices being pioneered to treat some of the most poorly children.

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