Dragonfly nurses fundraise for their ward

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As if taking care of our young patients wasn't enough, 8 nurses from Savannah Dragonfly ward raised £6,000 for their hospital by taking part in a 50km race along the Thames in September. The nurses are Sarah Crichton, Fran Schroder, Flo Kennard, Jessica Maycock, Hannah Fisher, Tessa Walker, Sophie Palmer and Sarah Wheeler. 

From the nurses themselves: 

'Picture this...8 (un)fit nurses embarking on a 50km run, jog, walk or crawl along the Thames. A vision, we hear you say? Well, this is the challenge that we are setting ourselves in September in order to raise money for our ward.

'On Savannah Dragonfly, we care for children with complex neurological and metabolic conditions, including those with Mitochondrial Disease. Although we are so proud of the work we do, there is always room to make things better for the patients and their families, and some of this costs money.

'Currently, we have four high dependency beds and only one fully equipped monitor, so we would love to raise enough to buy another. So, please, please dig deep!'

This means that your donation will be helping children who need more intensive observation and care than is possible on a general ward, requiring a higher ratio of nurses to patients. The Dragonfly nurses work on a busy ward of 16 beds. 

Like other neurological and metabolic conditions, Mitochondrial Disease is a chronic illness that results in a person's cells not producing enough energy, making them very vulnerable to disease, and is currently not treatable.

Having another fully equipped monitor would mean that patients could receive even better care from nurses, helping them to distribute their time more effectively by allowing regular blood pressure, ECG and pulse oximetry monitoring.

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