Anna's Guy's Urban Challenge

09.10.17 Categories: Patient stories, Supporter stories,

At the age of five, Anna received life changing care from Evelina London, and now at 16 Anna showed her appreciation by taking part in Guy’s Urban Challenge. She successfully completed the challenge in 00:51:02!  

Anna developed a hernia at a young age and so frequently had to visit Evelina London at the tender young age of five. Anna however still remembers the fantastic care that she received from Evelina London and so wanted to show this appreciation by taking part in Guy’s Urban Challenge. 

‘I just remember being taken care of and being made to feel very safe. To have to be in hospital at such a young age can very tough on the mind of a young person, yet Evelina London made me feel at ease and I want to thank them for this’.

If you’d like to support Anna in her fundraising bid for Guy’s Urban Challenge, you can donate here. If you’d like to take on the Guy’s Urban challenge click here!