An Urban Challenger’s story: Georgie Smith

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Georgie Smith is gearing up to take on the second Guy’s Urban Challenge at Guy’s Hospital. The event, which takes place on Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October, involves a demanding three-stage physical challenge: a 2.4km run, a 15km cycle, topped off by a 29-floor stair climb (628 steps) of the world’s tallest hospital building – Guy’s Tower!

Georgie’s motivation to run, spin and climb is to thank both the team at Guy’s and St Thomas', and at Evelina London, for her previous and ongoing care, and to raise funds for other patients that will be treated at Evelina London. Georgie tells us her story.

Open heart surgery at just seven days old

‘When I was seven days old I had to have open heart surgery, which involved the transposition of the two great arteries. The surgery came as a complete surprise to my family and it was a very tense time for everyone. My parents had never gone through anything like that before and didn't know what to expect.

‘But when the day came for my mother to hand me over to the nurse just before surgery, she was told by that nurse, "I'll look after her”. And that is what both the doctors and nurses at Evelina London did.

‘Seven hours later, I was stitched up and I had been fixed. I am one of the lucky ones. Although I still have to go back to Guy's every couple of years for check-ups, ECGs, echoes and exercise tests, I am healthy and I am able to live my life without really being held back.

Living life to the full

‘Some patients have restrictions that can hold them back from living life to the very fullest and that is why I am taking part in Guy's Urban Challenge. I am so lucky and proud to have gone through what I went through, and I admire the patients that are still going through hardship. The staff and facilities at both Guy's and Evelina London are second-to-none and I want to do anything I can to help keep them going so they can continue to save people like me, day after day.‘

You can support Georgie’s efforts by donating on her fundraising page.

If you’re inspired by Georgie’s story and would like to take on Guy’s Urban Challenge, there’s still time! Sign up today