An end to allergies?

01.09.17 Categories: Supporter stories,

Evelina London Children's Hospital provides specialist care to children who suffer with allergies, and carries out research into allergy prevention.

In one of our clinical trials, young children who are allergic to peanuts are fed small but increasing amounts of peanuts in the hope that their bodies will become tolerant to peanut.

Cleo Storey, aged five, is allergic to sesame seeds and peanuts. Mum Kate says: ‘It’s very challenging navigating any social occasion. You’re continually placing your child’s health and safety in the hands of other people who may not fully appreciate the severity of an anaphylactic reaction.’

Cleo’s school, Chepstow House, have raised an amazing £345,265 which will help to fund new Clinical Research Facilities, to meet the growing demand.

To raise the money, Friends of Chepstow House recruited four participants – including Head teacher Mrs Angela Barr – to take part in the Evelina London Zip...which required participants to cross the River Thames by zip wire.

The school have also fundraised throughout the year with pledges and a gala dinner which raised £139,070 from auctions and a raffle.

Visit our Get Involved pages, if you want to know more about how your school can help fundraise for Evelina London.