A cut above the rest for fundraising

09.08.16 Categories: Patient stories, Supporter stories,

Our amazing fundraiser Beth Carr has cut her hair to raise money for Evelina London.

Beth was treated for scoliosis at the hospital for three years. She wrote a series of lovely blog posts about her experiences at Evelina London, and happily has now been discharged.

She cut her hair because when she was a child she wanted to grow it long, but once she’d done that she came to feel it was time for a change. She donated the hair to the Little Princess Trust, where it will make wigs for children facing hair loss.

Surgery for scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is unnaturally curved, and it affects young women in particular. Doctors don’t know what causes it yet, but it is usually treatable, either with a brace or surgery.

In Beth’s case, she required surgery, which she had in 2012 at Evelina London.

Beth says, ‘The hospital holds a special place in my heart for the fantastic care I received. It provides a wide range of services for children and young adults, which have been improving in the time that I was privileged to have been cared for there.

‘I want to help it become even better.’

A unique way to fundraise

Asking for donations in exchange for cutting her hair is a unique way to fundraise for the hospital. Beth ended up raising £412.21 for Evelina London.

‘I’d been thinking about interesting ways of fundraising for Evelina London for over three years, and when I decided that I needed a haircut, I thought I’d go a bit more extreme than normal. I had a lot of hair-related operation stress as well, so it seemed relevant to be finally saying goodbye to the majority of my hair.’

Beth is now a history student at Royal Holloway University and has recovered from her operation. It’s amazing that Beth has managed to fundraise during university, especially while running in the student elections. We’re very impressed.

Beth says, ‘As part of my fundraising, I wore bright colours for a day for Get Colourful. This also happened to be the day that I ran in a student election to help run the radio station – and it was definitely a conversation starter!’

Get Colourful is our annual fundraising dress-up day for Evelina London. Participants wear brightly coloured clothes, wigs and glasses to work or school, in exchange for donating to the hospital.

How to fundraise for the hospital

Beth has done really well with her fundraising and has some tips for other supporters.

‘Definitely time your fundraising well. If you’ve fundraised recently or there are a lot of big events such as marathons going on, you may struggle to gain support.

‘However, if you’ve sponsored friends for other events, then they may be more willing to donate to you because you supported them. It can work both ways.’

She adds, ‘Talking to people in person works better than just sending an email, so do this if you can. I set up my online donation page a month before my haircut, so I had a few weeks to gain people’s attention. Don’t do it too early, as people might lose interest if they constantly hear about it for weeks.’

If you would like to fundraise for Evelina London like Beth, find out how you can get involved on our fundraising pages.