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Worry Monster - 150th birthday special

The Worry Monster is in town for Evelina London's birthday

For 150 years we have changed the lives of children and young people, caring for them as if they were our own. We are still here for children today – before birth, throughout childhood and as they become young adults.

We have one birthday wish, to care for even more children and families. You can help our wish come true by taking part in an event, doing your own Challenge 150, or signing up to receive regular updates.

Caiden is eight years old, and he lives with his mum, dad and two sisters. He loves football and reading, and a lot of the time is a happy-go-lucky young man.

But Caiden also lives with multiple allergies which affect his day-to-day life and can cause him severe stress and anxiety. He works with Dr Polly James at Evelina London to help manage his anxieties, with the help of a furry friend - the Worry Monster.

Thanks to donations, the fun, colourful monster lives in the children’s allergy service. It’s there to help our young patients in clinic, so they can deal with their emotions and concerns surrounding the allergies they live with.

Little extras like the Worry Monster may be small, but they make a huge difference to our young patients.

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