Become a fundraising Ambassador for Evelina London

Become a fundraising Ambassador for Evelina London

Your hospital needs you!

Do you have a personal relationship to Evelina London and would like to share your story?  

As a fundraising Ambassador you can get involved by inspiring your family, friends, colleagues and online networks to support the charity, attending cheque presentations and thanking our supporters.  

What does being an Evelina London Ambassador involve?

As an Ambassador we ask that you represent Evelina London Children's Hospital in your community. We want you to help spread the word about our hospital and inform people about the life-changing work that takes place  

Opportunities include:

  • Representing the hospital at events organised by supporters
  • Speaking at our events, such as our Christmas Carol Concert
  • Sharing your story in meetings or pitches, such as opportunities to become a company’s charity partner
  • Sharing news and stories from the hospital with your friends, family and colleagues and letting them know how they can help
  • Featuring in our magazine or website
  • Putting posters or leaflets in your local area
  • Putting a collection tin in a local business or community area
  • Recruiting an organisation or group in your networks to support us as a charity of the year
  • Organise your own fundraising 

What can I expect?

We know that life can be busy, so we understand that your level of involvement may vary. As an Ambassador we ask you to commit to sharing stories from the hospital and ways people get involved throughout the year in a way that suits you. From telling your friends about an event they might be interested in to sharing our Facebook posts or nominating us as your work’s charity of the year.  


Then please give us a call on 020 7848 4701 for a chat or email us info@supportevelina.org.uk.