Door to door activity

Have we knocked on your door lately?

Yellow front door of a white town house

If you live in one of London boroughs you might be visited by one of our fundraisers!

The fundraisers will tell you about the work of Evelina London Children’s Hospital and Guy’s Cancer and ask for your support with a regular voluntary donation by Direct Debit only. They are not permitted to accept cash or cheques on the doorstep.

A small, regular gift given in this way is very valuable to the hospitals and with your help, we can build an extraordinary future and be there for more patients and families who need us. Donations can help provide things like state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology.

Our fundraisers
All our fundraisers wear identifiable clothing branded with either the Evelina London or Guy’s Cancer logo and carry official identification cards, which are required by law.

If you would like to verify a fundraiser’s details, please contact us. To find out more about our door to door fundraising campaigns by visiting our frequently asked questions.

Why door to door fundraising?
Door to door fundraising is a very effective method used by many charities for recruiting new long-term supporters and for increasing awareness of the charity in local communities. Our door-to-door campaigns are conducted with the help of a professional fundraising organisation, which specialises in this type of fundraising.

Door to door fundraising is regulated by the Institute of Fundraising (IoF), a charity-led membership body for all types of face-to-face fundraising, including door to door fundraising. For more information, visit the IoF website

Frequently asked questions

Have we knocked on your door?

Where are our fundraisers working?
Each week we will update the areas our fundraisers are visiting. Although these are accurate, occasionally a fundraiser may cross over into another street or postcode by mistake.

The current postcodes where the fundraisers are operating from 24 February to 1 March are:



24 Feb - 1 Mar

SE12 0

E18 2

NW11 0

SM2 5

EN5 3

NW11 6

SM2 6

EN5 4

NW11 7

SW11 1

EN5 5

NW11 8

SW11 3

HA0 1

NW11 9

SW15 4

HA0 2

RM6 4

SW15 5

HA0 3

RM6 5

BR1 1

HA0 4

RM6 6

BR1 2

HA3 5

SE14 5

BR1 3

HA3 6

SE14 6

BR1 4

HA3 7

SE26 6

BR1 5

KT3 3

SE28 8

E11 1

KT3 4

SE7 7

E11 2

KT3 5

SE7 8

E11 3

KT3 6

SW17 0

E11 4

N2 0

SW17 6

E18 1

N2 9

SW20 8

How do I know that the person calling at the door is legitimate?
If you would like to confirm the details of a Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity door to door fundraiser who recently visited you, please contact our friendly Supporter Care team on 020 7848 4701 or

Are the local authorities informed that Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity is fundraising in the area?
Yes, we contact the local police, neighbourhood watch, council and local trading standards office before the fundraisers begin work in an area. The fundraisers are authorised to operate Monday to Friday between 11am and 8.30pm and on Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 4pm.

How will my money be used?

Donations like yours have helped support…

Our tiniest patients are being kept snug and secure thanks to vital equipment for our neonatal unit, including incubators and special baby nests.

Our young patients with special needs are benefiting from relaxation sensory tubs, LED multi spinner ball and sensory toys.

What is Gift Aid and why should I sign up for it?
Gift Aid enables the Charity to reclaim the tax on your donation (provided you are a UK taxpayer) and receive a further 25p from every £1 donated, at no extra cost to you. A gift of £10.00 per month becomes £12.50 per month with Gift Aid. All we need from you is a simple declaration saying that you want to use Gift Aid – you may have selected this on the tablet in the Direct Debit section.

How secure is my donation and my personal details?
Our fundraisers are not allowed to collect cash or cheques. The information contained on the tablets can only be used by Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity to collect your agreed contribution from your account and nothing else. We comply with the Data Protection Act and will not pass your details on to any third party. You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

I recently signed up to make donations to you but have changed my mind and want to cancel. Or my personal/bank details have changed...
Please contact our friendly Supporter Care team on 020 7848 4701 or, they will be happy to help.

I wish to make a complaint about a fundraiser – who should I contact?
We investigate all complaints thoroughly and as quickly as possible. Please contact our Supporter Care team on 020 7848 4701 or It will help us if you can provide details of date, time, postcode and a brief description of the fundraiser (if possible, including their name and ID number). Please note that our Supporter Care team operate Monday-Friday from 9am - 5pm.

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