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Wee Sight, courtesy of Royal Philips

Wee Sight, courtesy of Royal Philips

Support our Christmas Appeal

Will you help make hospital a little less scary for the children at Evelina London this Christmas?

Tiny babies and young children often need blood tests and tubes such as cannulas and catheters inserted to help them get better. But finding veins in little children is no easy task as their blood vessels are so much smaller than those of adults.

While staff do everything they can to provide a positive experience for children and their families, having these procedures can still be daunting. But with your support, children won’t have to put on a brave face.

A small gift from you today can help make all the difference. Your donations could fund some specialist illuminating equipment that makes intravenous (IV) procedures straightforward, successful and a lot less scary for our little patients.

Will you donate this Christmas and shine a little light for the sick children at Evelina London?


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At Evelina London we treat children and young adults from across South London and south-east England.

As demand increases for our local healthcare services and national specialist clinical care, it's more important than ever to be able to fund new equipment, train staff and invest in innovative research programmes. We rely on your generous donations to provide life-saving care to more children, and support for their families.

Please note, due to the impact of novel coronavirus, we are unable to take any telephone calls or process any donations by telephone, for the immediate and foreseeable future. We are also unable to accept cheques or process postal forms during this period.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will keep you updated on any changes to this on our website. You can still donate by credit/debit card and/or make a regular gift by Direct Debit below. Thank you very much for your support. We hugely appreciate it.

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Regular giving provides funding for some of the hospital's life-saving equipment and research so we can keep searching for even better treatments and ways to improve care.

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A one-off donation helps provide comforts and experiences that can improve the hospital experience of our young patients.

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