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Make a donation

Make a donation

Making a donation in memory of a loved one can be a generous way to honour them. Your gift could help fund life-saving equipment and life-changing research.  

It could also help us buy all those extras that make Evelina London such a special place, like a free Medicinema for our young patients to take their mind off of being in hospital, or special sensory toys to provide a more stimulating environment for children in hospital. If you’d like to make a donation, you can either do so by: 

You can make an online gift here... 

Or downloading one of our gift forms and return it to:

Evelina London Fundraising Team, 
Virginia Woolf Building, 
22 Kingsway, 2nd Floor, 
London, WC2B 6LE

Photo: the Cave family have raised funding for Evelina London in memory of baby Cameron.