Coronavirus appeal

#KeepUsAllGoing through the coronavirus crisis

Hospital staff, standing outside St Thomas' A&E, holding plackards that say thank you, for all the messages and donations supporters have given to them
Hospital heroes outside St Thomas' A&E department
Staff at St Thomas', pulling together to tackle this crisis head on

Staff at St Thomas', pulling together to tackle this crisis head on

This is no ordinary time

The coronavirus outbreak is like no other for Guy’s, St Thomas’ and Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

This is no ordinary shift

Thankfully this is no ordinary team. As they go above and beyond to care for everyone who needs them, you can help care for them. A donation from you today could help support their wellbeing while they deal with this extraordinary crisis.

Will you #KeepUsAllGoing with a donation today?


No ordinary team

From doctors and nurses, to porters and housekeeping assistants, there are so many NHS staff who are pulling together to tackle this crisis head on. They’re going above and beyond on every single shift to give everyone who needs them the best possible care, both in our hospitals and in our local communities.

Your support can #KeepUsAllGoing

Send your donation today and your urgent gift could support every aspect of their wellbeing throughout this coronavirus crisis.

From assisting those facing financial hardship, to providing vital training and educational support for those treating patients infected by the virus.

Thank you for whatever support you can offer this extraordinary team at this critical moment.


Dr Ian Abbs holding fruit supplied by Borough Market Food

Dr Ian Abbs holding fruit supplied by Borough Market Food

Gifts in kind

If you are a business and are offering gifts in kind please contact our corporate fundraising manager

Before you get in touch, why not read our FAQs on Gift In Kind Donations to see how you can make a difference.

"An enormous thank you to the wonderful team at Borough Market Food for donating lots of fresh fruit and veg for all of the hard-working staff at Guy's and St Thomas'."

Dr Ian Abbs, Chief Executive, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

In this coronavirus crisis, messages from you #KeepUsAllGoing

"My children have regular trips to St Thomas' for treatment. I know now, as always, you will all be doing the most amazing job despite the challenges. Thank you all, stay safe and stay strong."

“NHS frontline workers, you are amazing, and you are truly holding society together at this time! You are real heroes! Thank you SO much, your work is of the greatest honour and courage.”

“There are no words that seem adequate. You leave your families and your loved ones to save ours. Each and everyone who plays a part in our NHS is and has always been a hero. Thank you.”

“Guy's and St Thomas' have looked after me so well over many years. Thank you for all those years and for everything you are doing in an unimaginably difficult time. Thinking of you and your families at this time. x.”

“To all the brave NHS workers, it's hard to imagine all the pressures that you’re facing on a day to day basis and words can't describe my sincere thanks and how proud I am of each and every one of you.”

“To all the wonderful staff who over many years have taken care of my mum when she had cancer and also my wife who has undergone invasive surgery so I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the work they do thank you all very much god bless!”

“Guys and St Thomas' Trust is the very best hospital in the country!!! I've worked at both and can honestly hand on heart say you guys are the BEST!! You are all amazing, and we thank you for looking after our friends and family xoxo, loads of love.”

“Thank you so much for keeping us all safe and well. Thank you so much for taking care of everyone who has caught this COVID-19 virus. God bless you and your families for lending us your support. Thank you St Thomas’.”

“When you're tired and feeling low, remember you have the WHOLE of the country lifting your wings to fly a little higher because you are all angels in scrubs! Xxx.”

Thank you for your selfless and dedicated heroism. We are humbled by your amazing work every hour of every day. Thank you.”

“You're putting the Great into Great Britain! So very proud of you all x.”
Alix, Ian and Tom

“Wonderful angels of mercy, Florence Nightingale would be so proud of her army, stay safe xxxxxx.”

“You are modern day superheroes! We know what selfless acts of dedication and bravery you are doing every single day, and we love you for every single second of it!!!!”

“This hospital has a tradition of Excellence! That has been demonstrated in their care for the Prime Minister!”

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