An Urban Challenge for John

11 October 2017

Adrienne and Stuart raised an amazing £9,730 in memory of their son John by successfully completing Guy’s Urban Challenge together.

cheerful team of supporters wearing dark sportswear and some kids in front of them
Adrienne and Stuart with the rest of their team after a successful Guy's Urban Challenge

In September 2014, twin boys John and Harry were born at St Thomas’s Hospital. Named after their grandfathers, both Harry and John spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Both boys were born at 34 weeks at an impressive six pounds, but as they were premature they needed a hand.

Devastatingly, five days after they were born, John was diagnosed with a previously undiagnosed genetic condition called Trisomy 13. He came off life support surrounded by his family and passed away at just eight days old.

"It was so unfair, we felt like our family had been ripped apart at the seams," said parents Adrienne and Stuart. "I had no idea how to piece it back together. The nurses in NICU were so respectful, we kept Harry and John together in John’s cot as much as we could and Harry loved snuggling up to his little brother. It was so lovely yet so heart-breaking in so many ways. It’s at those moments where I really understood the term 'bitter sweet.'"

Adrienne and Stuart knew they wanted to give back to the hospital that was supporting them through this trying time. 

"In those final days with John, the one thing that we were both very clear about was that while it was the worst time of our lives, we wanted to do something to remember John and give back to a hospital that helped us in so many ways," they said.

"Having seen what these amazing people at Evelina London can do, we wanted to help provide them with some of the tools they need to continue doing this, and that is why we took part in Guy’s Urban Challenge 2017.

‘There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think or talk about John. Having his twin brother growing each day is also a constant reminder of the hole in our family. We said we would honour John and each year we challenge ourselves to do something out of our comfort zone in his memory. This year we were supported by eleven friends. We were blessed to have so many people helping.’

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