They saved my husband’s little cousin – Jo’s story

11 September 2017

Joanne Mitchell (Jo) and her team ‘The Bensham Belles’ successfully rowed 21.6 miles in 3 hours and 21 minutes from London Docklands to Ham for Evelina London.

team of ladies in purple sportswear posing outdoor with the lake in the background
Jo Mitchell and her team ‘The Bensham Belles’

Jo tells us why she is personally taking part to raise money for Evelina London.

‘In August 2013, my husband’s little cousin Michael, aged just three, spent a few weeks at Evelina London. He had a kidney transplant - his father being the donor. He experienced severe complications after his operation, which had a major impact – especially on his stomach, where the function deteriorated. In addition to other ongoing health conditions, it meant he had to stay at Evelina London for around four weeks, and not the 10 days originally planned. However, the care he received from Evelina London was truly amazing and we are all very thankful.’  

This positive experience is what led Jo to want to take part in The Great River Race and support Evelina London. Jo said: ‘We are still raising money and we are now in excess of £1,600! It has been truly amazing to do The Great River Race, row past Evelina London and raise money for such a worthy cause!’  

If you’d like to support Joanna and the ‘The Bensham Belles’ with their fundraising you can donate here

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