Lee’s special gift to recognise a special relationship

14 October 2019

Lee Ward’s connection with Evelina London goes back to his early childhood when he was first treated there as a baby. His relationship with the hospital has remained strong throughout his life.

Lee Ward, long-time supporter of Guy's and St Thomas'
Lee Ward

He says he attributes being the person he is today to the care he’s received and therefore, to show his appreciation, he’s decided to leave a gift to Evelina London in his will.

Lee’s story

Lee was born with complete renal failure. Aged just one week old he was admitted to the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, which was then located at Guy’s. He was looked after there for many years and has fond recollections of his experiences.

‘I still have vivid memories of waiting for my turn on the rocking horse in outpatients!’ recalls Lee. ‘As an inpatient, I remember taking part in a pancake race with my mum against other patients. I also loved going to the ‘school’ they had on the ward, which was located next to the ward kitchen.

‘I had huge affection for two members of staff as a child. Professor Robinson – I can’t remember what department he was in – and Dr Reid from the children’s renal department, who still works at Evelina London.’

Lee’s treatment continued at Guy’s and St Thomas’ (the hospital for adults within the same Trust as Evelina London) as an adult and he still visits once a year for check-ups. He says that not only have the staff helped him to heal physically, but the effect on his mental health has also been extremely important.

‘I am certain that without the help of Evelina London, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and my family, I would not be able to do the job I do today,’ says Lee. ‘The hospitals have given me much more than medical help.

‘They always strived to do their best for me so that I can have the best life possible. So in part, I have the fantastic hospital staff to thank for letting me follow my dream career in the civil service.’

Giving his time and donations

For many years now, Lee has given up his time to be a volunteer for Evelina London’s fundraising team. From marshalling at running events to shaking collection tins, Lee’s dedication is phenomenal.

And now, in an incredibly generous act, he’s decided to leave a gift in his will to the hospitals.

‘I would not be the person I am today if it was not for Evelina London and Guy’s and St Thomas’,’ says Lee. ‘I hope that when I pass away, my gift will help others receive the same great care that I have had since I was a baby and continue to receive today.
‘This is also why I find it important to help the fundraising team, as they’re just small ways through which I can thank everyone for making me who I am.’

Lee’s decision to leave a gift in his will to Evelina London will help make a difference to staff and patients for years to come.

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Leaving a gift in your will...

...whatever the size, can make a real difference to staff and patients for years to come.