Running for a special friend: i-Transport’s story

27 October 2017

A group of colleagues from Hampshire-based transport planning consultancy, i-Transport, successfully ran the Great South Run for Evelina London in recognition of the fantastic support they provided to their colleague Chris in caring for her son Matt.

happy team wearing evelina t-shirt indoors
i-Transport Team

Chris sadly died of cancer earlier this year and i-Transport are keen to remember her through a variety of activities and challenges planned this year.

Chris’ husband, John, shares this remarkable story:
‘Chris was one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Nothing was too much trouble and she always saw the job through no matter what. When her son Matt was first diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, she took it in her stride and managed her life between work and taking him to hospital.

It was always called a condition, not an illness. He was never allowed to use it as an excuse for not doing things. She kept to exactly that same mind set when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.'

‘Matt was taken and treated at Guy’s Hospital for chronic renal failure for six months until his kidneys finally completely failed and were removed. He went on dialysis at the hospital three times a week, until he had his first transplant at 18 months old. Due to complications with the anti-rejection drugs, the kidneys failed after six months and were removed. He went back on dialysis for 18 months and then received his second transplant in September 2003.

‘Recently this also has started to fail and Matt is currently on the list for a third transplant. He has competed in 11 Transplant Games and four mini-games winning quite a few medals. Chris used to take part in the Donor Run at the Transplant Games and the Women’s 5K in Hyde Park to raise money for the Evelina Transplant team.'

In appreciation for all the support Evelina London gave Matt, and in memory of their dear friend Chris, a group of 13 of Chris’ work colleagues successfully competed in the Great South Run raising over £5,000!

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