‘I don’t need long, long hair’

26 April 2018

Four-year-old Hannah Betty-Ryan Hobbs has raised money for Evelina London to say thanks for helping to mend her heart.

little smiling girl holding lock of her hair
Hannah post hair cut, with a locket of her hair

At her own suggestion, she had her long hair cut off and donated it to be used to make a wig for children and young adults who have lost their own hair to illness.

Hannah’s heart condition was diagnosed after going to the GP for a cough. An ultrasound at Evelina London showed that a tube that should have closed after Hannah was born had remained open. Hannah will need surgery to fix this.

Hannah’s mum, Aviva, says her daughter’s idea to have her hair chopped was inspired by her nanny Suzie, who died of cancer after a long battle almost two years ago.

‘Seeing how important a wig was to make Suzie feel comfortable made us think how a child or young person must feel in that circumstance,’ says Aviva. ‘To do something that helps even one person a tiny bit will be amazing.’
Hannah had 10 inches of her hair cut by her auntie Jo who is a hairdresser. Hannah then donated it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity which provides real hair wigs to those who need them.
‘I don’t need long, long hair,’ says Hannah, ‘and another girl might want it, so it's good to share.’

Aviva spread the word about Hannah’s fundraising using social media and word of mouth. Their original target of £100 has been beaten six times and counting! She says, ‘I hope the money can be used to support the children and their families at Evelina London.’

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