Critical care abseil team take to the tower!

26 March 2018

The critical care units at Guy’s and St Thomas’ specialise in looking after patients who need a very high level of care – over and above what their ward is able to provide – or who have just come out of major surgery.

The units (two at St Thomas’, one at Guy’s and a fourth under construction) are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by dedicated and highly specialist teams. These teams encompass a broad range of roles, including cardiac, infection control, major incident planning, overnight intensive recovery, high dependency units and respiratory.

In 2017, two nursing teams took part in the St Thomas’ Abseil and raised over £2,000. The money raised was used to put nurses through the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) training course – the £1,000 course would otherwise have had to be self-funded.

Inspired by last year’s success, there’s now a team of 22 abseilers from various critical care departments – 20 nurses, one doctor and one dog* – set to take on the 2018 challenge.

Taking place on 11 May, International Nurses Day, the Critical Care Abseilers, as they’ve dubbed themselves, are set to scale down St Thomas’ tower!

Supporting patients and families during an ICU stay

Senior staff nurse, Jennifer Moon, says: ‘Being in ICU is very upsetting, so anything we can do to alleviate this is always welcome. Whether this is by offering iPads, headphones, or board games to keep patients stimulated and entertained, or by providing accommodation for relatives that have to travel a long way, the help is always gratefully received.

‘The money we raise will go to benefit our patients and their relatives in these ways and to make their stay less stressful.’

Meet the team!

This talented team includes the following individuals: Ana, Andy, Anita, Doug, Catherine D, Catherine E, Charlotte, Ella, Hannah, Honor, Jen, Louise, Margarida, Orla, Noreen, Sian, Sianne, Sofia, Sokila, Steve, Trish – and, of course, team mascot, Angus the dog!

Jennifer says, ‘Noreen is our wildcard as she’s terrified of heights, but she’s determined to do it. Sianne told me she’d never do the abseil again, yet I’ve persuaded her to join us again this year!
‘We’re all proud to be part of an amazing team that provides the best care that we can. Imagine how much this money could help to improve both patient experience and staff development.’
She adds, ‘We’ve had a lot of fun fundraising so far and we have many more great ideas to come –  so watch this space!’

*For health and safety reasons, Angus isn’t allowed to do the abseil, but he will be barking his encouragement for all the abseilers on 11 May!

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