Climbing 29 floors for our Rose

11 July 2019

Chloe and Shane Beasley are taking on this year's Guy's Urban Challenge to raise money for Evelina London as a thank you for the care and treatment they provided daughter Rose.

A collection of three images, baby in hospital bed, mother holding her baby in hospital and the same baby now a toddler at a party
Baby Rose at Evelina London, Rose with Chloe, Rose at party.

In June 2017, Chloe and Shane Beasley brought their baby daughter to Evelina London when her kidneys began to fail at two months old.

Rose is now a healthy two-year old, who returns to the hospital for annual check-ups. Chloe and Shane will be taking on Guy’s Urban Challenge this September to help support other families like theirs.

Rose spent 48 hours in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) where she had dialysis and blood and platelet transfusions, before being moved on to Beach ward where patients are seen for short stay surgery, kidney and urology care for another five days.

Although the family were relieved to bring baby Rose home, they continued regular visits to Evelina London where Rose received medication and treatment.

By October 2017 Rose's condition had continued to improve and, after further testing, all treatment was stopped. After further careful monitoring she was able to be discharged. Chloe remembers how staff helped the family during the difficult early months of their daughter’s life.

‘All the staff at Evelina London were fantastic. When Rose was on dialysis in PICU we felt useless, we couldn’t hold her, feed her, normal things you take for granted. The nurse was great and let us help in any way we could, like placing Vaseline on her lips so they didn’t go dry and washing her mouth.’

The couple’s experience has inspired them to take on Guy’s Urban Challenge this year. The event is an 'urban triathlon' that includes a 2.4km run around Guy's Hospital, followed by a 15km spin on an indoor Wattbike, finishing with a 29-floor stair-climb to the top of Europe's tallest hospital building, Guy's Tower.

Neither Chloe or Shane have done a challenge like this before, but they’re determined to run, spin and climb to help other children at Evelina London.

‘I think it’s too easy to go home and forget the care that you received. We’re truly grateful for everything they did for our daughter and we want to try and pay back in some way. When I saw the Guy’s Urban Challenge advertised, I thought “this is a start”. Chloe, Rose’s mum.

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