Ciorsdan’s Christmas fundraiser

05 February 2021

Over the Christmas break, Evelina London’s senior communications officer, Ciorsdan, gave back to the community by completing a 53-mile cycling fundraiser for the Samaritan Fund at Guy’s, St Thomas’ and Evelina London.

Ciorsdan in her outfit, and her static exercise bike
Ciorsdan in her outfit, and her static exercise bike

After hearing about the Samaritan Fund’s work to support patients across the Trust as well as the Lambeth and Southwark community who are experiencing financial hardship, Ciorsdan decided to celebrate Christmas a little differently this year and fundraise.

The Samaritan Fund is designed to offer one-off support to patients who need a little extra support. In the past, the Fund has been used for everything from ensuring patients have a week’s worth of food when they leave the hospital, to providing new bedding when a homeless person moves to a new home after discharge.

“One of our values at our Trust is putting the patient first,” explains Ciorsdan. “I have worked for the Trust for over five years now and have seen how our charity makes the patient experience better. This particular Fund really seems to be a good way to help our patients experiencing difficulties.”

Faced with new lockdown restrictions and cold December days, Ciorsdan wanted to make sure that nothing would disrupt her fundraising plans. So instead of pledging to run a marathon, Ciorsdan donned a festive outfit and spent Christmas Eve completing a 53-mile double cycling marathon indoors on her static bike.

“It actually made my Christmas,” says Ciorsdan. “It made me feel really happy. It gave me something to reach for and a way to push myself.”

Ciorsdan’s efforts were rewarded. Despite initially setting a target of £500, Ciorsdan managed to raise over £2000 with Gift Aid.

“I really surprised myself with how much I was able to raise,” she says. “I did have a target of £500, but I kept moving it back because people were really generous.”

The money she has raised for the Samaritan Fund will make a massive difference to everyone the Samaritan Fund helps.

“Honestly the money that Ciorsdan raised was just phenomenal,” says Jo Carter, Director of Adult Nursing. “How many pairs of trousers or coats is that going to be for us to provide some of our homeless patients when they leave.
“I’m in awe and just so incredibly grateful that she’d fundraise for the Samaritan Fund.”

Even though the pandemic has cancelled lots of the usual fundraising events, you can still raise money to support your colleagues and the hospital community. Find out how to get started.

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