Cecilia's big year for Challenge150

10 June 2019

Cecilia Adamou is taking on an ambitious series of #Challenge150 events, with her mum Jo, to give back to Evelina London for the treatment and care they provided her since she was a baby. 

Four people standing in front of Evelina London sign in a ward at Evelina London. Evelina London's Grainne Walsh, Cissy Adamou, John Simpson, and Cissy's mother, Jo.​
Evelina London's Grainne Walsh, Cecilia Adamou, John Simpson, and Cecilia's mother, Jo.​

Cecilia Adamou has been a patient at Evelina London since she was a baby. She was diagnosed with a serious congenital heart condition before birth, had open heart surgery at 6 months old, and then again, when she was two.

She has continued to receive treatment at Evelina London throughout her life, including pre and post operative care for a heart transplant she had at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle in 2010, a kidney transplant in 2012, and major orthopaedic surgery to help her to walk again after she developed a nerve disorder called neuropathy in her feet and legs.

Cecilia is now 19, is doing well and studying Journalism at Newcastle University, where she hopes to use these skills to share her story and raise awareness of issues like organ donation.

Cecilia's Challenge 150

Cecilia Adamou is taking on an ambitious series of #Challenge150 events, with her mum Jo, to give back to Evelina London for the treatment and care they provided her since she was a baby.

Visit Cecilia's fundraising page here

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But while she hones her reporting skills before graduating, Cecilia has some big plans to share her story and help others like her. She is taking on an ambitious series of #Challenge150 events along with her mum, Jo. 

Together, they’re organising a mix of fundraising challenges and events including taking part in the St Thomas’ abseil, a 10k run and a disco. People can follow and support Cecilia and Jo’s challenge through #THANKYOUFOR150EVELINA social media posts, as they work towards a goal of raising £150,000.

Cecilia explains why Challenge 150 is so important to her:

‘Evelina London is the reason I am alive today and enjoying life. I know that this is also true for thousands of children across the country, and I feel that it’s so important to support the hospital by fundraising so they can continue to care for even more children in the future.’

‘We’re organising a fundraiser in the autumn. We want it to be a night where the public, Evelina London patients and staff can come together to enjoy music and dance, while thanking the hospital for 150 years of dedication to saving young lives.’

But if you’re looking for inspiration and want to organise your own #Challenge150, it doesn’t have be a big event or huge challenge, as Cecilia says:

‘No idea is too big or too small, there are endless ways to raise money. You don’t have to run a marathon or climb a mountain; simple things can be just as effective. Use your hobbies and interests as a basis for your event, get your friends and family together and have some fun while you’re doing it’.

Help Cecilia make her Challenge 150 and visit her fundraising page.

Whether it’s putting on a show or taking a stroll, you can help us celebrate by taking on a #Challenge150 to mark our special birthday year. How will you get involved? Register for your own Challenge 150 today

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