Casey’s 160ft abseil for Evelina London

24 May 2019

In May 2017, Casey Muller’s newborn son Alfie was rushed to Evelina London and received life-saving treatment.

Young girl Charlotte, togther with mother Casey, comforting younger brother Alfie, who's between them. All are smiling for the camera.
Charlotte, Alfie and Casey Muller.

To say thanks for Alfie’s ‘phenomenal’ ongoing care, Casey took the plunge at St Thomas’ Abseil along with her cousin Charley Weston, who is a nurse at the hospital.

Alfie’s story

When Alfie was born at his local hospital, doctors detected brain damage and could not be sure that he would even survive his first night. He was rushed to Evelina London and placed in a cooling jacket, a special therapy which helps stop oxygen-deprived brain cells from dying in order to prevent further damage.

‘It was incredibly scary,’ says Casey. ‘Nothing unusual was detected in my scans when I was pregnant, so for Alfie to be rushed away when I was expecting to be able to take him home was so frightening.’

‘The care we received and continue to receive is phenomenal. The staff are truly incredible. We felt included every step of the way and, the staff ensured we were involved in every aspect of Alfie’s care’.

‘Though Alfie needs ongoing support from Evelina London, the doctors and nurses have given us so much confidence.’

‘Considering all that he’s been through in his short life, Alfie is so incredible. He’s developing and surprising us every day. He’s a happy, cheeky boy who loves his big sister Charlotte more than anyone in the world.’

Family support

Casey’s cousin Charley has been supporting her at home and Evelina London from the beginning. She qualified as a nurse shortly after Alfie was admitted, and although she was not part of his clinical care, she was there for him and the rest of the family, as Casey remembers.

‘Any time she had spare on her lunch break, Charley would be there to talk and sing to Alfie. We were close before, but we’re so close now. Though it’s been such a difficult situation, I’m so happy to have family like Charley.’

It isn’t the first time the Mullers have taken on a fundraising challenge for Evelina London. In 2018, Casey’s husband Jamie raised over £6,000 on a sponsored 21.4-mile walk of four south London football grounds.

Last year's St Thomas’ Abseil took place on 10 May 2019, a few days before Alfie’s second birthday. Casey and Charley were cheered on by the rest of the family including Alfie, Charlotte, Jamie and Charley’s daughter Aubrey. 

There was plenty of other activities for all friends and families to get involved in, including an MC, music, face-painting, food and complimentary teas, coffees and snacks. There was even an opportunity for everyone to capture creations from the day and to strike a pose at the Showtime Photo Booth. There were also interactive stalls in the gardens to celebrate International Nurses Day!

This year's event takes place on Friday 5 June and holds a special significance, as 2020 is the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. 

Midwives and nurses, like Charley and hundreds of others, will be recognised for their unwavering hard work and commitment to patients.

Registration to take part is now open so if you want to challenge yourself like Casey did, join our team of amazing abseilers by signing up today!

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