Arnold Freedman’s legacy to a place he loved

30 October 2017

Arnold Freedman decided to leave a gift in his will to Evelina London which is part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Close up photo of an elderly man, arnold freedman, to the left, and evelina london childrens hospital logo to the right
Arnold Freedman

Arnold appreciated the care he received at Guy's and St Thomas', and decided to support Evelina London to show his appreciation.

Arnold Freedman was a frequent visitor to the Dermatology Department over many years, after a diagnosis of Pemphigus - a group of rare skin disorders that cause blisters and sores on the skin - that had taken some time to identify.

Arnold was touched by the great care he received at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals and so this led to him leaving a legacy to support Evelina London.

His daughter Carrie explained why this was important to her father:
‘My Dad was twenty in the year the NHS was born and as such, was keenly aware of its value. He was not an extravagant man and I find great solace in the knowledge that he has left such a significant sum to help others in future, particularly children.

‘As a child, he spent a protracted period in a London hospital with osteomyelitis - a condition which was often fatal before the availability of penicillin. He was lucky to recover but lost a bone in his arm in the process. He would be pleased to know that, due to his bequest, young people can rely on quality treatment, irrespective of their background, ethnicity or financial situation.

‘The staff were always kind and the care exemplary, despite the size of the facility. Later on, when his mobility became an issue, they were quick to organise taxis and overnight accommodation when necessary. It is this kind of attention to detail that can make a huge difference to someone in their later years trying to manage a skin disease, which few people have even heard of. Dad really appreciated the fact that he was recognised and remembered, and used to take the nurses biscuits when he attended his consultations!'

Arnold loved the care he received at Guy’s and St Thomas’ and his legacy will go a very long way in ensuring that others also experience the care that he did.

Leaving a gift in your will...

...whatever the size, can make a real difference to staff and patients for years to come.