Alison’s snap-happy 150 Challenge

24 May 2019

Alison Lambert is a Medical Secretary at Evelina London, she organised a Photo Challenge 150 in March.

A woman called Alison stands in front of a board of photographs of her colleagues when they were babies, as part of her Photo150 Challenge
Alison stood in front of her staff Photo Challenge 150 board

It’s a simple challenge to set up, each player brings a photo of themselves as a baby and adds it to a display. Players pay to take part and have fun guessing who's who.

The fundraising team can send a tool kit with everything needed to get going.

After reading about the new sensory room at the Evelina London and essential equipment, Alison was inspired to fundraise for the first time, to help make hospital a better experience for more children in the future.

Alison wanted to do something fun that would bring other staff members together to raise money for Evelina London. So, she encouraged her colleagues to join her and dig out their old baby pictures.

‘Evelina London provides such amazing care to children and their families that it is important to give something back and to promote the work it does…challenges like this are a fun way of raising vital money for the hospital, which goes towards helping to continue caring for children in the future.’

‘I chose the Photo Challenge 150 because it seemed interactive and lots of fun, and I hoped I could put my creative streak into making it something people would want to take part in. I was looking forward to seeing all the cute baby pictures - some of which were hilarious! It also led me to meet and speak with people in the wider department and gain some new work friendships too’. She explained.

Alison’s tip for anyone who would like to get involved in fundraising, but isn’t sure where to start is to keep things simple.

‘Try to get involved in something that interests you. Passion and enthusiasm is contagious! You don’t have to do a big challenge, you can organise something small – every penny raised for the hospital is worth it.’

You can help us celebrate by taking on Challenge 150 to mark our special birthday year.

How will you get involved? 

Why not do your own thing?

Have fun while raising money for Evelina London