King of the Road

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With just days to go, Surrey County Cricket Club mascot Caesar the Lion (aka Operations Manager David Gorrod) tells us how he’s preparing for the Virgin London Marathon and why he’s supporting Evelina London.

"Training is going well [check out the Vine videos!] - I’ve done 18/19 miles but I decided to challenge myself by running in the mascot outfit. There’s a body suit with padding and sleeves with fur on them, but I’m not wearing the shoes because they’re about 3kg each, so I’m wearing trainers.

“The head weighs about 6kg and I need to negotiate how to get water in - I don’t really want to take the head off and there’s not very many air holes at the moment, so I’m modifying the costume. There’s a couple of eye holes but they’re the wrong trajectory, I can’t see out! Hopefully we’ll create a better view or else somebody could run in front...

“I’ve been to Evelina London twice, and it brought it all back when my own twins were in hospital. They spent two months in Lewisham Hospital because they were premature, but they’ve just turned two and they’re 100% well and loving life, thanks to all the good work from the doctors.

“So I decided to give something back and Evelina London is a great cause. It’s such a kid-friendly place, and all staff I met were very happy and willing to talk about what they do, and what a massive difference they make to so many families and children.”

“There’s only one Caesar costume and it’s needed next Tuesday, so it will need to be dry cleaned on Monday if it’s still intact. I just hope the costume gets to the Mall...”

Find out next week if David and Caesar do make it to the Mall – and please visit his fundraising page to encourage him around the 26.2 miles.

Kevin Pietersen has all the details on how you can sponsor Caesar!