He came, he ran, he conquered

17.04.14 Categories: Supporter stories,

How Caesar the Lion, Surrey County Cricket Club mascot (ably supported by Operations Manager David Gorrod), survived the London Marathon and raised thousands for Evelina London.

'My time was just over six hours, but I must have stopped for about 500 pictures and 25,000 high fives. The crowd were amazing. I could have done it slightly quicker if I hadn’t stopped but it was probably a blessing in disguise.

The weather was perfect – but it was obviously pretty sweltering under the lion suit. The sweat even affected my iPod. The headphones got duller and duller as the sweat poured into them so I could hear more of the crowd, which was a good thing to be honest. The headphones have been binned now...

There were a few technical issues with the head. The nose got a bit battered because I punched a hole in it about eight miles in because I couldn’t see. All I could see was the road - it was like tunnel vision. I bumped into a lot of people! I took the head off occasionally at the water stops, but I ran with the head on for the whole 26.2 miles.

I’m feeling good now, although going downstairs is a little bit tricky. You certainly know you did something at the weekend... It’s not as bad as 15 years ago but I probably ran it quicker then.

Will I do it again? Never say never! I might have to modify the head a little bit so I definitely beat my time, but I might do it again. Ask me next February!'

Caesar would like to thank everyone for their kind donations to an amazing cause. You can still donate here - we predict he will have raised more than £10,000 by the end of the week!