Organise your own fundraising

Fundraising ideas

We've thought of a big selection of fundraising ideas to help get you started. 

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Fundraising with your mates

Fundraising with your mates

  • Barbecue Charge for the burgers and sell drinks
  • Bingo Hold a one-off evening or regular morning sessions
  • Come dine with me evening Ask your friends to donate what they think your meal was worth
  • Coffee morning
  • Fashion show
  • Fancy dress party Pay to enter and win prizes
  • Film evening
  • Football Sweepstake for tournaments with friends or at work
  • International themed evening A buffet dinner, where guests bring a dish from a different culture
  • Ironing Offer your ironing services
  • Halloween party
  • Karaoke night
  • New Year’s Eve party
  • Odd Jobs Help out friends for cash
  • Go-karting Organise a group trip go-karting, climbing or paintballing
  • Murder Mystery Night Dress the part to make it more fun!
  • Party! 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. Dress up!
  • Pub crawl
  • Pamper party
  • Race night
  • Swap shop Get a brand new wardrobe for a small donation
  • Taxi your friends around for a fee!
  • Wine tasting

At work

Fundraise at work

  • Bad tie day Charge your colleagues £1 to come in wearing their loudest tie
  • Bonus ball  Hold a sweepstake in the office for the lottery bonus week
  • Cake sale Hold a cake stand at your work, school or church
  • Dress down day
  • Horse racing Sweepstake at work
  • Matched giving Ask your workplace to match what you fundraise
  • Sports day
  • Win a day off work Ask your boss to raffle or auction a day off work


In the community

Fundraise in the community

  • Auction Auction off original items, taking a percentage of sales. If you don’t have any secret heir looms hidden away, hold a promise auction
  • Dog walking Charge your neighbours and friends for the service
  • Car wash Wash cars at shopping centers or office car parks
  • Face painting
  • Car boot sale Have a root through your loft and take unwanted items to your local sale
  • Expert talks Ask people to donate their time and expertise
  • Book sale Sell old books collected from everyone you know. Second hand bookshops may buy left over stock
  • Golf day Organise a golf day at your local club with dinner and an auction
  • Greeting cards Make and sell cards for every occasion
  • Jewellery making Buy your own beads and sell at a craft market or fête
  • Raffle
  • Jumble sale
  • Open Mic night
  • Gardening Offer your gardening services to friends and family
  • Guess the number E.g. guess how many sweets in the jar
  • Newspaper coverage See if your local paper will cover your event and raise awareness
  • Quiz night Ask your local pub if you can put on a quiz
  • Make the most of your talents Make necklaces or cook food to sell at a market/fête
  • Music concert
  • Private tuition Teach French or Flamenco, sell your skills
  • Supermarket bag packing
  • Talent contest Charge admission
  • Treasure hunt Ask for an entry fee and donated prizes
  • Unwanted gifts Get friends to donate items and have a car boot sale or market stall
  • Vintage car day
  • Zumba night Get your friends together to learn a new skill


Something silly

Something silly

  • Baked bean bath
  • Fancy dress Get sponsored to wear a silly outfit all week
  • Pie eating competition
  • Shave your hair or dye it a crazy colour
  • Waxing Event Wax your hairy chest!


Personal challenges

  • Diet Get friends and colleagues to join you, £1 per pound!
  • Email all your friends and get them involved
  • Left-handed day Try doing everything with your left hand
  • Quit something Give up chocolate, takeaways or whatever your guilty pleasure may be for a month and donate the money you saved
  • Silence Get sponsored to keep quiet for a day!
  • Sing-a-thon Get sponsored for how many songs you can sing
  • Run, swim, walk or jump Check out our events page for all our sports and challenge events


Whatever you decide to do, make sure you call 0207 848 4701 or email to register! Alternatively, you can register online

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