Get Colourful for Evelina London

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What is 'Get Colourful'?

Get Colourful is your chance to proudly show your support for Evelina London and make a difference to children who need our care. All you need to do to raise money for Evelina London is go out in your brightest colourful clothes for the day!

It's also a fundraising day on-site at Evelina London to raise awareness and funds for the hospital itself. We will be around the hospital talking with staff, patients and visitors. We'll also be collecting donations, promoting and talking to people about the many ways in which they can support Evelina London – and how donations support our vital work.

Also, to make things more exciting – and colourful – we’ll be encouraging all staff, patients and visitors to ‘Get Colourful’ for a £2 donation.  You can wear your own colourful hats, wigs, specs, ties, belts, socks, tights...anything goes!  We’ll be selling these items each day so there’s no excuse!

The Fundraising Team will also be hosting a bake sale and selling Support Evelina London merchandise to help raise extra funds for our hospital.

Take part at home, work in a cafe or even in the library!

Get Colourful takes place on 6 April but you don’t need to be at the hospital to take part. You can take part at work, outside, or anywhere else you can splash a bit of colour! You can also hold it on Friday as a dressdown day!

Don't forget, if you're going to post photos and videos of the day (or evening!), then please use the hashtag #GetColourful!

Get your free Get Colourful pack, filled with posters, fundraising materials and ideas to help you fundraise

Getting colourful at school

There is no set date for schools to Get Colourful, so you can hold it to suit your own calendar.

Though, as a suggestion, why not hold it just before the Easter break as a dress down Thursday or Friday?

When you have set a date, simply let us know and we'll send you a pack to help you organise your day. Get further information here ‘Get Colourful’ in school.

Get Sponsored

Go the extra mile and ask your friends and family to sponsor you to wear your craziest clothes. You can set up a sponsorship page quickly and easily using Virgin Money Giving.